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The Valuation of Monetary Damages is a practical, thorough, and process-oriented guide to evaluate injury damages, applying methods grounded in sound principles of vocational rehabilitation and life care planning. The treatise includes many examples and work samples derived from actual cases, and accompanying discussions provide on-point, insightful, and instructive analyses to promote the discernment and presentation of injury damages.


Additionally, this book offers many practical, tested resources—information-gathering forms, sample retention letters and agreements, affidavits, and administrative documents, etc. — to facilitate and safeguard expert and lawyer efforts to gather, assemble, and preserve information necessary to perform competent analyses during adversarial proceedings.

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The Valuation of Monetary Damages in Injury Cases:

A Damages Expert's Perspective

What Industry Leaders are Saying

"This book is literally a compendium of sound advice and useful resources. Sound presentation of expert analysis Dr Shahnasarian's book will become a significant contribution to the literature on evaluating and presenting damages in injury cases."

Timothy F. Field, Ph.D.
Rehabilitation Consultant, Elliott & Fitzpatrick, Inc.

Dr. Michael Shahnasarian's new book is must-read. The author has unrivaled expertise, insight, and wisdom in these areas from many disciplines, including psychology, vocational rehabilitation, life care planning, and economics. Dr. Shahnasarian is as spellbinding in a professional setting as he is in a personal one.

Michael A. Schlanger, Esquire
Covington & Burlington (Retired Partner)
Defense Bar Trial Lawyer


Dr. Shahnasarian has spent decades in the highly specialized field of evaluating monetary damages in catastrophic injury cases. His book reflects invaluable expertise and provides a very understandable guide to this critical area of litigation. 

C. Steven Yerrid, Esquire
The Yerrid Law Firm
Plaintiff's Bar Trial Lawyer

Many experts covet and hoard what they regard as their own intellectual property, but not this author.  Dr. Shahnasarian “puts it out there” only after verifying his own knowledge and dissemination.  This is very much in the interest of advancing our professions. 

Brian McMahon, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, VCU Department of Rehab & Mental Health Counseling & College of Health Professions
Affiliate Professor, VCU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & School of Medicine

I find the life care planning section spot on. The inclusion of the Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners as a foundation (International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, 2015), as well as numerous case examples of varying complexity and instruction on common litigation pitfalls, will certainly assist aspiring experts with providing valuable litigation-related services.

Roger O. Weed, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University
Fellow Emeritus, International Academy of Life Care Planners
Board Emeritus, Foundation for Life Care Planning Research

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